Plans and Pricing

To define your plans and pricing for your Manifold integration you will need to select a billing model, subscription type and any features you would like to include.

Billing model

The billing model describes how the cost to the end user is calculated.

Fixed RecurringA recurring subscription for a predetermined allotment of featuresAvailable
MeteredCharge users for their consumption during the subscription periodAvailable
MixedCombination of Fixed Recurring with Metered featuresAvailable
Per-seatCharge based on the number of users who have access to the accountProposed

Subscription period

The subscription period determines the window of time which the subscription is calculated.

MonthlyFirst of the calendar monthAvailable
AnnualFirst of the calendar yearComing soon
AnniversaryDate of resource creationComing soon

Point of collection

The point of collection determines when the end-user should be charged for the subscription.

TypeCharged atAvailability
Post-paidEnd of the subscription periodAvailable
Pre-paidWhen the resource is createdComing soon


A hosted database provider which sells access to a specific spec of database

  • Billing model: Fixed Recurring
  • Subscription period: Monthly
  • Point of collection: Post-paid

An email provider which bills a user for each email they send

  • Billing model: Metered
  • Subscription period: Monthly
  • Point of collection: Post-paid

A file storage provider which offers allotted disk space and a price per additional GB

  • Billing model: Mixed
  • Subscription period: Monthly
  • Point of collection: Post-paid