Fixed + Metered

Our robust billing engine supports many different types of pricing models; it's a core Manifold value to represent your product as you would on your own site. Here are some of our most popular pricing models, but if you don't see yourself here or you're a mash up of a few, there's a good chance we can accommodate you!


Fixed + Metered plans contain both fixed features and metered features. Metered features are billed based on overall usage at a specified rate.

You can have multiple metered features, each using any kind of metric like time, usage, or more. Your integration with Manifold will connect your metrics to our billing.

metered-plans-new, a sample provider with fixed + metered billing, offers a mix of feature types

Metered Features has one metered feature: Processing Time, while the rest are fixed features. Metered features are defined globally and either included in a plan as seen above, or not included, which displays as a NO value here, but can be either a YES or NO value inside any plan.

Metered features can charge the same rate for every amount of usage, or providers can choose to create usage pricing tiers to accommodate bulk discounts. If that were the case for Processing Time it might look like:

feature_name: processing-time
suffix: hour
default_multiplier: 0.75
- usage_range: 0 - 50
  multiplier: 0.75
- usage_range: 50 - 100
  multiplier: 0.65
- usage_range: 100 - 200
  multiplier: 0.50 


metered-plans-overage, a sample provider with fixed + metered billing, adds overage to their plan

Overages are the best of both the fixed and metered feature worlds. A feature with an overage fee acts like a fixed feature until the user hits a pre-defined limit, where it then acts like a metered feature, calculating usage. For, features with overage fees start at the Start-up plan tier. See below how the Start-up plan includes 20 hours, then becomes metered afterwards at a rate of $10/hour.

name: start-up
cost: 100
- feature: users
  value: "10"
- feature: bandwidth
  value: "80 Mbps"
- feature: processing time
  value: "YES"
feature_name: storage
  suffix: hour
  - free_tier: 0 - 20
  - overage: 21 - 
    multiplier: 10

Inputs for Fixed + Metered Plans

Below is how we define a product that has multiple plans, containing fixed features, fixed features with overages, and metered features.

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